driving long-term, sustainable revenue growth


Blue Egg Properties is a property management and real estate investment group focused on the acquisition, ownership and management of single and multi-tenant industrial properties across Ontario, Canada. 

Our investment goal is to maximize funds from operations with efficient and proactive property management, gradual acquisitions of properties, and select property development projects. 

Our tenants benefit from quality industrial properties in the best locations, close to major transportation links and high growth population centres. 

Blue Egg Properties is a long-term investor in light industrial sites and approaches investments with an eye to sustainability and efficiency to provide growth and diversity to its portfolio.  We take an active role in managing our real estate portfolio and protecting our long term interests. Management performs extensive diligence with tenants to ensure use and activities are consistent with the asset class. Blue Egg Properties focusses on value creation within a site, including building and development projects, bringing online additional light industrial space and allowing tenants the opportunity to more effectively operate their business.

We invest in income producing real estate assets over the long term.


Blue Egg Properties invests in industrial properties for the long term. Our properties are typically within the warehousing and storage industry, some light assembly and shipping, and a number of other complementary uses. There are no significant heavy industrial activities conducted in our properties.

In operating our sites, our goal is to provide effective space for tenants, in locations close to major transportation routes and high growth population centres, to allow for a consistent labour pool. Our management team is experienced and proven, having been operating for decades.


Blue Egg Properties invests and manages for the long term in light industrial properties within Ontario. Light industrial properties are generally one-storey rectangular buildings with some additional outside storage, allowing for single or multi-tenant uses.

While we evaluate each property on its own unique characteristics and, we own and generally seek opportunities with the following attributes


We source properties in the primary and secondary markets of Ontario located adjacent or close to logistics corridors.


Properties can be on a gross or triple net lease basis, and managed by a third-party or tenant-managed.


We seek income producing industrial properties including warehouses, light industrial, distribution centres and small bay industrial properties.

Properties are typically zoned industrial or outside storage.


Our property portfolio is diversified with very large, several hundred square foot buildings, to small, single-tenant locations.

Properties typically have a one-storey single building with loading bays, a small percentage of office-space, and predominate warehouse use.